Customer Type

Integration Method

Supplier Integration

RevCascade offers 2 integration methods for Suppliers: API and EDI. The pros and cons of each method depend on many factors, so if you're not sure which method is right for your business, let us know and we can discuss each option with you.

Data Flow

The following diagram describes the flow of data as it passes from Suppliers to Retailers, and vice versa.

Supplier Responsibilities

To integrate with RevCascade, you must be able to complete the following workflow:

  • SEND Product Catalog information to RevCascade.
  • SEND Inventory information by Item or UPC to RevCascade.
  • RECEIVE Orders from RevCascade
  • SEND FulFillments to RevCascade (either directly or through a 3PL).
  • SEND Invoices to RevCascade (where applicable).