Variant Attributes

RevCascade uses a simple but flexible attributes system to describe products and variants. It is designed to be as simple or as complicated as you need it to be for your use case. Although the system supports hundreds of attributes, getting live with transcations requires only names and identifiers. For more advanced use cases such as pushing new products live to retailers, many more attributes will be required per variant.

The endpoint below can be used to retreive the list of available attributes. Please consult with RevCascade to help figure out which attributes make sense for your business.


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GET /v1/attributes/ Get a list of attributes

Attribute Properties

idA static id assigned by RevCascade.
code A static code assigned by RevCascade. In the variants endpoint, attributes are often referred to by 'code' instead of 'id'.
nameThe name of the attribute.
description The purpose and intended use of the attribute.
grouping A guideline that suggests the type of attribute. Values include:
  • general
  • inventory
  • shipping
  • retailer
  • description
  • images
  • misc
type The type of data that should be passed. Values include:
  • string
  • boolean
  • number
  • money
  • percent
  • url
  • date
units If an attribute has units (e.g. weights, lengths, etc), the 'units' field will tell you the type of units RevCascade is expecting (you may have to convert certain values). Examples include pounds, inches, hours, days.

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GET /v1/attributes/ Get a list of attributes

Get a list of all of RevCascade's attributes


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