Retrieve information about the carriers and shipping methods supported by RevCascade.


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GET /v1/carriers/ Get a list of carriers & methods
GET /v1/carriers/{carrier_id}/ Get a single carrier & methods

Data Fields

idA static id assigned by RevCascade. Can be used as the primary key in the url of other carrier endpoints.
name The name of the carrier.
code The SCAC code for the carrier.

Array of shipping methods supported by the carrier.

"shipping_methods": [{
    "id": 3,
    "name": "FedEx Ground",
    "code": "FEDEX_GROUND",
    "type": "small_parcel",
    "generic_shipping_method": {
        "name": "Ground",
        "description": "Should arrive within 3-7 days after processing time",
        "type": "small_parcel"
    // other shipping methods omitted for brevity

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GET /v1/carriers/ Get a list of carriers & methods

Get a list of all carriers and supported shipping methods


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GET /v1/carriers/1/ Get a single carrier

Get a single carrier (and the carrier's supported methods) by its ID.


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