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For developer convenience and safety (when developing, testing, etc), RevCascade provides access to two distinct API environments: Sandbox & Production


The RevCascade API Sandbox is an environment where you can explore and test the functionality of the API. The Sandbox is completely isolated from the Production environment, and any actions/calls will not have any downstream effects. For example, Orders that you create will not be sent to Suppliers. All URL routes are identical in the sandbox vs production, aside from each using a different subdomain, so feel free to access any endpoint during the development of your code. You can develop entirely against the sandbox and then switch to the production subdomain for your software’s production deployment.

We also encourage using our API sandbox in your unit tests. We will try to keep all data you have in the sandbox unmodified for at least 7 days, but we reserve the right to remove or reset the data without notice.

The base sandbox url is:


Production is, of course, a live environment with real customer data. Obviously, extreme care should be taken with live data; not all actions can be undone.

The base production url is: