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A Cancellation (or 'cancels' for short) represents a request to cancel all or part of a purchase order. Cancellations may only be requested by retailers prior to the supplier acknowledging the order.


  • OrderCancellations belong to Orders.
  • Cancel LinesCancellations can have many Cancel Lines.


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POST /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/cancels/ Create a new Cancellation
GET /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/cancels/ Get a list of Cancellations
GET /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/cancels/{id}/ Get a single Cancellation
PUT /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/cancels/{id}/acknowledge/ Acknowledge receipt

Cancellation Properties

idA static id assigned by RevCascade. Can be used as the primary key in the url of other Cancel endpoints.

The RevCascade Order Id to which the cancellation applies.


The reason why all (or part) of the order is being canceled. Examples:

  • Retailer Requested Cancellation.
  • Not Enough Inventory
  • Can't Meet Fulfillment Deadline
  • Product Listing and/or Pricing Error
  • Unfulfillable Address

The timestamp when the cancellation was received by RevCascade.


An array or Cancellation Line Items.

    "id": "10000",
    "variant": {
        "id": "100084",
        "brand": {
            "id": "501",
            "name": "Marla Cielo",
        "name": "Contemporary Nightstand",
        "description": "Black"
        "identifier": "1234",
        "upc": "123456789456",
        "attributes": [{
            // subset of attributes omitted for brevity
    "quantity": 1,

id - RevCascade's static identifier for the Order Line.

variant - The exact item that is being canceled.

quantity - The number of items being canceled.

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POST /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/cancels/ Create a new Cancellation
Input Parameters - All fields required unless otherwise marked.
order_id The RevCascade order_id.

The id of the reason why all (or part) of the order is being canceled.

  • 1: Retailer Requested Cancellation.
  • 2: Not Enough Inventory
  • 3: Can't Meet Fulfillment Deadline
  • 4: Product Listing and/or Pricing Error
  • 5: Unfulfillable Address

An array of objects representing the items that are in the cancellation request. Please send one Cancel Line per unique item.

"cancel_lines": [{
    "variant": {
        "id": 1000065,
        "identifier": "GBD34315",
        "upc": "123456789012",
    "quantity": 1

variant - an object that identifies the exact item that sold.

  • id - the RevCascade id for the variant. Optional if 'upc' is passed.
  • identifier - either a retailer identifier (if set) or a brand identifier.
  • upc - the UPC of the item. Optional if 'id' is passed.

quantity - The number of items to be canceled.

Please note...

Either an 'id', 'identifier', or a 'upc' is required in the variant object when creating an order line. However, if multiple are passed, 'id' will take priority over 'identifier' and 'upc'.

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GET /v1/retailers/cancels/ Get a list of Cancellations
Optional Query String Parameters
is_acknowledged Boolean filter that returns orders based on whether or not they have been acknowleged.

1 - show only only cancellations that have been acknowledged.
0 - show cancellations that have not been acknowledged.
canceled_at_{operator} Filter cancellations received by RevCascade before or after an epoch timestamp in UTC.

Please substitute {operator} with "lt" (less than),"lte" (less than or equal), "gt" (greater than), or "gte" (greater than or equal).
limit Customize the number of results return (max 250). Requests that return more records than the limit will be paginated.

Get all new cancellations that have been not yet been acknowledged.


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GET /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/cancels/{id}/ Get a single Cancellation.

Get a single cancellation by its ID.


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PUT /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/cancels/{id}/acknowledge/ Acknowledge receipt

Acknowledge receipt of a new cancellation.


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