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Credit Memos

Credit Memos are issued by Suppliers to Retailers after returns have been accepted by the Supplier. Like most other objects, a credit memo has line items for each unique item. The subtotal and quantities of the credit memo cannot exceed the value of the issuing return (prior to adjustments).


  • BrandCredit memos belong to a single Supplier.
  • RetailerCredit memos belong to a single Retailer.
  • Credit LinesCredit memos can have many Credit Lines.


Click on an Operation to view requirements, options, & examples.

GET /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/credits/ Get a list of Credits
GET /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/credits/{id}/ Get a single Credit
PUT /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/credits/{id}/acknowledge/ Acknowledge receipt

Credit Memo Properties

idA static id assigned by RevCascade. Can be used as the primary key in the url of other credit-related endpoints.

The retailer that owns the purchase order and that is expected to receive the credit.

"retailer": {
  "id": 1000,
  "name": "Demo Retailer"

The supplier that submitted the credit.

"brand": {
  "id": 1000,
  "name": "Demo Vendor"
currencyThe currency of the credit memo. Always 'USD' for now.

A simplied view of original purchase order.

"order": {
  "id": 10050,
  "purchase_order_number": "PO-315163",
  "ordered_at": "2016-09-24T16:27:50Z"
credit_numberThe credit memo number from the Supplier's financial system.

The RMA that created the credit memo.

"rma": {
  "id": 10050,
  "rma_number": "RMA-35135123",
  "rmad_at": "2016-09-28T16:27:50Z"

The original invoice from the PO. The invoice is optional and not guaranteed to be tied to the credit memo.

"invoice": {
  "id": 10550,
  "invoice_number": "INV-2341",
  "invoiced_at": "2016-09-22T16:27:50Z"
subtotal The sum of all credit lines before any adjustments.
adjustments An array of additional credit memo adjustments that modify the amount credited by the supplier.
credit_amount The total amount being credited.
is_acknowledged Boolean flag that indicates whether the credit memo has been received and acknowledged by the Retailer.
credited_atThe timestamp when the credit memo was received by RevCascade.
acknowledged_atThe timestamp when the credit memo was acknowledged by the Retailer. This field is null if the credit memo has not been acknowledged.

An array or Credit Line Items. Each credit line represents a unique item from the Purchase Order.

  "id": 15411,
  "variant": {
      "id": "100084",
      "brand": {
          "id": "501",
          "name": "Marla Cielo",
      "name": "Contemporary Nightstand",
      "description": "Black"
      "identifier": "1234",
      "upc": "123456789456",
      "attributes": [{
          // subset of attributes
  "quantity": 2,
  "price": "21.00",

id - The credit line id.

variant - The exact item that was sold and returned.

quantity - The number of items being credited.

price - The price that the supplier expects to be paid for the item.

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GET /v1/retailers/credits/ Get a list of credit memos
Optional Query String Parameters
is_acknowledged Boolean filter that returns credit memos based on whether or not they have been acknowleged.

1 - show only only credit memos that have been acknowledged.
0 - show credit memos that have not been acknowledged.
credited_at_{operator} Filter credit memos received by RevCascade before or after an epoch timestamp in UTC.

Please substitute {operator} with "lt" (less than),"lte" (less than or equal), "gt" (greater than), or "gte" (greater than or equal).
limit Customize the number of results return (max 250). Requests that return more records than the limit will be paginated.

Get all new credit memos that have been not yet been acknowledged.


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GET /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/credits/{id}/ Get a single credit memo

Get a single credit memo by its ID.


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PUT /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/credits/{id}/acknowledge/ Acknowledge receipt

Acknowledge receipt of a new credit memo.


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