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A Shipment represents a successful fulfillment of one or more Order Line Items.


  • OrderShipments belong to Orders.
  • Shipment LinesShipments can have many Shipment Lines


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GET /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/shipments/ Get a list of shipments
GET /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/shipments/{id}/ Get a single shipment
PUT /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/shipments/{id}/acknowledge/ Acknowledge receipt

Shipment Properties

idStatic identifier for the Shipment assigned by RevCascade. Should be used as {id} in other Shipment API endpoints.
order_idThe RevCascade order id that owns this shipment.
purchase_order_numberThe purchase order that owns this shipment.
ordered_atTimestamp (in UTC) when the order was placed by consumer.
shipping_accountThe Shipping account billed for the shipment.

The shipping method that was used for the shipment.

"shipping_method": {
    "id": 1,
    "name": "FedEx Ground",
    "code": "FEDEX_GROUND",
    "type": "small_parcel",
    "carrier": {
        "id": 1,
        "name": "FedEx",
        "code": "FDEG"

The shipment origin address printed on the label.

"ship_from": {
  "type": null,
  "name1": "Manchester",
  "name2": null,
  "street1": "1522 Manchester Rd",
  "street2": null,
  "city": "West Carrollton",
  "province": "OH",
  "postal_code": "45458",
  "country": "US",
  "phone1": null,
  "phone2": null,
  "fax": null,
  "email": null
ship_weightThe total weight of the carton (in pounds).
ship_widthThe width of the carton (in inches).
ship_lengthThe length of the carton (in inches).
ship_heightThe height of the carton (in inches).
ship_girthThe girth of the package calculated using (d1+d2)*2 + d3 where d1 & d2 are the shortest dimensions. (in inches)
ship_volumeThe volume of the package (in cubic inches).
batch_numberAn identifier that groups a set of shipments together.
label_reference30 character string that may be added to shipping label by the supplier.
tracking_numberThe tracking number of the shipment supplied by the carrier.

Critical tracking events from the carrier.

"tracking": {
  "picked_up_at": "2016-07-25T19:19:45Z",
  "delivered_at": null

When available, both values will be ISO-8601 timestamps (in UTC).

shipped_atISO-8601 Timestamp (in UTC) capturing the time the shipment was generated. The value will be null until a tracking number is supplied and/or generated by supplier.
picked_up_atISO-8601 Timestamp (in UTC) capturing the time the shipment picked up by the carrier. Will be null until the shipment is picked up.
delivered_atISO-8601 Timestamp (in UTC) capturing the time the shipment was delivered to the consumer. Will be null until the shipment is delivered.
statusThe status of a shipment. Either "open" when no tracking number is present or "closed" when a tracking number is present.
is_acknowledgedBoolean flag that indicates whether the retailer has received and processed this shipment.

An array of Shipment Line Items attached to the Shipment.

  "id": "10000",
  "order_line_number": 1,
  "variant": {
      "id": "100084",
      "name": "X60 Bench, Espresso Brown"
      "identifier": "GTT123453",
      "upc": "123456789456",
  "quantity": 1,

id - static id assigned by RevCascade.

variant - The exact item that was shipped.

quantity - The number of items included in the carton.

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GET /v1/retailers/shipments/ Get a list of shipments.
Optional Query String Parameters
is_acknowledged Boolean filter that returns shipments based on whether or not they have been processed by the retailer.

1 - show only only shipments that have been acknowledged.
0 - show shipments that have not been acknowledged.
is_picked_up Boolean filter that returns shipments based on whether or not they have been picked up by the carrier.

1 - show only only shipments that have been picked up.
0 - show shipments that are awaiting pickup.
shipped_at_{operator} Show only items that have been shipped since an epoch timestamp in UTC.

Please substitute {operator} with "lt" (less than),"lte" (less than or equal), "gt" (greater than), or "gte" (greater than or equal).
limit Customize the number of results return (max 250).

Get all "new" shipments.


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GET /v1/retailers/shipments/{id}/ Get a single shipment.

Get a single shipment using the RevCascade shipment id.


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PUT /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/shipments/{id}/acknowledge/ Acknowledge receipt

Acknowledge receipt of a new shipment.


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